Leave Your Pets Where They Feel Best!

LuckyPaws Pet Sitting Services provides your pet(s) the care they need while you’re away.  From farm animals to house pets to exotics, we take care of them all.

Services may include basic pet care, daily walks, and overnighters. Going on vacation? Don’t leave your pets in a cold, damp kennel. Leave them home in their warm, familiar surroundings. Other services may include plant care and maintaining a lived-in look by bringing in your mail and newspaper and rotating lights and drapes.

LuckyPaws proudly serves Newburgh, Maine, and the surrounding Bangor area.

Why choose a pet sitter? Your pet won’t have to travel to a kennel, won’t be exposed to illness from other animals, won’t have their routine interrupted. Most of all, they get to stay where they feel most comfortable.