Why BarkDannas? Because they are fun—and functional!

Our prints are fun, bright & fashionable with color coordinated buckles and thread. We use high quality fabric that withstands multiple washings. All BarkDannas are even reversible, so you get double the fashion and double the use!

A BarkDanna for every occasion!

We make BarkDannas for everyday and for special occasions, including holidays and birthdays. Do you have a favorite fabric?  We can do that, too. Just contact us!

How do we select fabrics for BarkDannas?

Fabrics are chosen based on theme and dog print.  Typically, there will be at least one dog-themed fabric.  It could either be the front or the back.  A lot of the holiday prints come with dogs in the pattern, for the reverse we pair it with a complementary-colored fabric.